White board magnets-Magnetic Accessories for Dry Erase Whiteboards

Do you want to DIY magnet?Want to enrich your life?

Then Hawell fridge magnet is perfect for you.

Hawell  stationery,Create a better life/Strong adsorption/High quality plastic case/multiple colour/Smooth surface/Easy to take/Educational education.

You’ll find your own style or your true self when you use this button fridge magnets.

Ferrite magnet is a kind of permanent magnet made of SrO or BaO and Fe2O3 as raw materials. Compared with other permanent magnet, ferrite magnet is hard and brittle, with lower magnetic energy. But it is not easy to demagnetize not easy to corrosion, the production process is simple and low price, therefore, in the whole magnet industry, the output of ferrite magnet is the highest and is widely used in industrial production.

White board magnets made of ferrite and plastic.

Ferrite Magnet 12

White board magnets Application:

1.These White board magnets can be used on dry erase boards, lockers, whiteboards, refrigerators,or any magnetic surface. 

2.These White board magnets with our attractive packaging, these magnets are the perfect gift for teachers,office workers, home-makers, etc.

3.Assistant at work,Convenient and worry-free.

4.Profusion is colorful,Teaching is fun and interesting.

5.These white board magnets are heavy duty for their size! Each magnet can hold up to 11-20 pieces of paper!Strong adsorption,Easlly adsorbed on iron-bearing materials.

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