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Neodymium Rod Magnets


Neodymium Cylinder Magnets/Rare Earth Bar Magnets

Neodymium rod magnets are powerful and versatile permanent magnets crafted from an alloy of neodymium, iron, and boron, belonging to the rare earth family. Typically taking the form of cylinders or bars, these magnets have a length that exceeds their diameter. Available in various sizes and grades, they offer a versatile solution for diverse applications across different industries. Their compact size, coupled with a high magnetic field strength, makes neodymium rod magnets extensively used in electronics, medical devices, sensors, industrial machinery, and various other technological applications.

Reliable Neodymium Rod Magnet Suppliers for Bulk Purchases


Online Magnet Retailers

1. MagnetSource

  • Known for a variety of neodymium rod magnets.
  • Competitive prices and reliable customer service.

2. K&J Magnetics

  • Offers bulk purchases with detailed product specifications.
  • Wide selection and an informative website for easy navigation.

Specialized Industrial Suppliers

3. Hawell Magnetics

  • Specialized in industrial-grade neodymium magnets.
  • Provides customization options for specific project requirements.

4. Master Magnetics

  • Well-established supplier with a focus on bulk orders.
  • Known for quality and consistency in their products.

Offering High-Power Neodymium Rod Magnets for Sale

Explore a range of licensed neodymium rod magnets at Hawell Magnetics, available for convenient online bulk purchases with discounted pricing. Our standard cylindrical magnets vary in length from 25mm to 2500mm in diameter. Choose from different magnet types, including ferrite, neodymium, or other rare earth magnets, with options for customization in various shapes and sizes. With top-quality grades spanning from N35 to N54, these magnets deliver robust magnetic force for a multitude of applications.

D19mm X L300MM Magnetic Rods

  • Grade: N35-N54-36H
  • Coating: 304/316 Stainless Steel

Magnetic Rods D35MMXL450MM

  • Surface Gauss: 8000-14000 Gauss
  • Operating Temperature: 80c/100c/120c/150c/180c/200c/300c

D34MMXL460MM Magnetic Rods

  • Grade: N35-N54
  • Lead Time: 5-25 Days(Depends on size and quantity)

D21MMXL420MM Magnetic Rods

  • Surface Gauss: 12000Gauss
  • Application: Industrial Magnet

Please be aware that our website might not showcase our full magnet inventory, so feel free to inform us if you don’t find what you’re looking for.

Neodymium Rod Magnets Supplier——Hawell Magnetics


Hawell Magnetics Neodymium Rod Magnets provide an effective method for removing iron filings and metal particles from loose, free-flowing materials. They are typically constructed from SS304 or SS316 stainless steel tubes, used to encase ceramic or rare earth magnets in specialized applications. Circular or square rods can be provided based on the customer’s specific requirements. We offer samples with a production time of approximately 5-25 days, depending on the size and quantity. Neodymium rod magnets with a diameter of 25mm can achieve a maximum magnetic force of up to 13,000GS (1.3T).

stainless steel magnetic grate and trap
spot welding

Hawell Magnetics offers a range of neodymium rod magnets with varying diameters and surface Gauss grades.

range of neodymium rod magnets

Ensuring quality is paramount, Hawell Magnetics places a strong emphasis on quality control. With a formidable quality control team and cutting-edge testing instruments, we guarantee the quality of our products. Our quality control services include:

  1. Magnetic Detection
  2. Tailored End Faces to Meet Different Usage Requirements
  3. Professional Packaging Solutions
  4. Careful Selection of High-Quality Materials
  5. Precision End Face Welding Seal
  6. Surface Treatment

We serve as your reliable supplier for top-notch neodymium rod magnets and rare earth bar magnets. Hawell Magnetics is a trusted global magnet provider, delivering industrial-grade neodymium rod magnets that offer both reliability and high performance to customers across the globe. With our in-house production facility based in Ningbo, China, we efficiently handle standard and custom orders. Hawell Magnetics is your all-in-one solution for acquiring high-quality magnets in various shapes, sizes, and strengths.

Explore further details about our magnets:

People Also Ask

Q1: Is bulk purchasing cost-effective for neodymium rod magnets?
A1: Yes, buying neodymium rod magnets in bulk is cost-effective, often resulting in significant discounts compared to individual purchases.

Q2: In which fields are neodymium rod magnets commonly used?
A2: Neodymium rod magnets are commonly employed in magnetic therapy, sensors, and industrial machinery.

Q3: Can I request customizations when buying in bulk?
A3: Yes! Hawell Magnetics offers you customization options to meet your specific project requirements.

Q4: Are there any safety considerations when handling neodymium rod magnets?
A4: Yes, handling neodymium magnets requires caution due to their strong magnetic fields. Keep them away from electronic devices and follow safety guidelines.

Q5: How do I store neodymium rod magnets properly?
A4: Store neodymium rod magnets in a cool, dry place and keep them away from other magnets to prevent unintended attraction.

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