What is the purpose of magnetic separator?

Magnetic rotary separator is a type of magnetic separator that uses a rotating drum or cylinder to separate magnetic materials from non-magnetic materials. As the drum rotates, magnetic materials are attracted to the drum’s surface and are carried around to a point where they are released into a separate collecting bin. Non-magnetic materials continue to flow past the drum and are discharged separately. Magnetic rotary separators are commonly used in the mining, recycling, and bulk handling industries to separate ferrous materials from non-ferrous materials and to improve product purity.


Magnetic rotary separator is made of magnetic grate,stainless steel housing and a motor.

working principle:The motor drives the rotation of the ring magnetic grate to efficiently remove iron impurities from loose caked materials.

Aplication fields:Food,food additives ,Pharmaceutical production,chemical raw material 

Lithium battery positive and negative materials and etc.

What is the principle of magnetic separation?

The principle of magnetic separation is based on the fact that materials with different magnetic properties will experience a force when placed in a magnetic field. This force can be utilized to separate magnetic materials from non-magnetic materials.

The process of magnetic separation involves the following steps:

Application of Magnetic Field: A magnetic field is applied to the mixture of materials, either by using a permanent magnet or an electromagnet. The magnetic field creates a force that acts on the magnetic particles within the mixture.

Attraction of Magnetic Particles: Magnetic particles within the mixture, which are susceptible to the magnetic field, will be attracted towards the magnetic source or separator. These particles will experience a force that pulls them towards the region of higher magnetic intensity.

Separation of Magnetic and Non-Magnetic Materials: As the magnetic particles are attracted and move towards the magnetic source or separator, they will be separated from non-magnetic materials that do not respond to the magnetic field. This separation can occur either by physical means, such as a rotating drum or belt, or by utilizing the difference in magnetic properties to divert the particles into separate collection bins.

Collection of Separated Materials: The separated magnetic and non-magnetic materials are collected in separate containers or bins for further processing or disposal.

The effectiveness of magnetic separation depends on factors such as the magnetic properties of the materials, the strength and gradient of the magnetic field, the flow rate of the mixture, and the design of the separator.


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