What is Magnetic Liquid Trap & Hopper Magnet? What are they used for?

What is Magnetic Liquid Trap & Hopper Magnet?

Magnetic Liquid Trap, also named hopper magnet, is a device used to remove ferrous contaminants (such as iron or steel particles) from liquids flowing through pipelines or processing equipment. It consists of a magnetic rod or tube surrounded by a stainless steel housing. When the liquid flows through the trap, the magnetic field generated by the magnet attracts and holds the ferrous particles, preventing them from contaminating the liquid downstream. It works as a magnetic liquid filter and is commonly used in industries such as food processing, pharmaceuticals, plastics, and mining, where the presence of ferrous contaminants can be detrimental to product quality or damage machinery. These magnetic devices help ensure the purity and integrity of the materials being processed or transported.

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ADVANTAGES Of This Liquid Magnetic Trap

  • Shell Material: SS304 stainless steel, SS316 stainless steel;
  • Magnetic Strength Grade: 8000Gauss, 10000Gauss, 12000Gauss, 13000Gauss;
  • Working Temperature Grade: < 80ºC, 100ºC, 120ºC, 150ºC, 180ºC, 200ºC;
  • Various Designs Available: easy clean type, pipe in line type, jacket design;
  • Compress Resistance: 5 kilograms (0.5Mpa ) with quick release clamp, and 10 kilograms (1.0Mpa) with flange;
  • Also takes customers designs.

Structure/Design Of The Liquid Magnetic Trap

Magnetic liquid traps are comprised of magnetic grates and a stainless steel housing.They are designed with an inlet and outlet, allowing for easy connection to existing processing lines using various connection types. These traps are specifically engineered to extract ferrous materials from liquids, semi-liquids, and air-conveyed powders, effectively purifying the materials during the production process. Within the housing, strong magnetic tubes filter the flow and remove any unwanted ferrous metals. The unit can be conveniently mounted onto the current pipeline using flanged or threaded ends. Accessing the trap for maintenance or cleaning is also simple, thanks to the quick-release clamp.

Custom Options For Liquid Magnetic Trap

hopper magnet design

This is one of our cases. With over 20+ years of experience, we are capable of customizing your ideal liquid magnet!

  • Size: customizable hopper magnet
  • Magnetic  Performence: up to 12000Gauss
  • Style: clamp style hopper magnet; flange style magnetic trap
  • Types: easy cleaning liquid magnetic trap; Regular type hopper magnet

How Does Liquid Magnetic Trap Work?

Working Principle of Pipeline Magnets:

Designed for product purity of free flowing materials such as carbon black, drugs, chemicals, cosmetics, plastics, food industries and so on. These units are easily installed in any hopper or floor opening, chute or duct. It makes product stream free flowing products to come in directly contact with the grate. When anything containing iron substances passes through the framework, Iron particles are attracted to the bar magnets in magnetic fields. By this solution, your equipment and facilities will be protected, and the products will be safe for consumption.

What Is Liquid Magnetic Traps Used For?

Magnetic liquid traps utilize robust neodymium magnets with powerful magnetic fields, capable of efficiently eliminating ferrous contaminants from your liquid processing and conveying lines, even in high-temperature conditions. These traps are specifically designed to handle the diverse range of liquids encountered in food processing facilities. Whether you are dealing with milk, acidic orange juice, viscous oils and syrups, or chunky vegetable soup, we offer a comprehensive selection of magnetic liquid traps tailored to meet your specific requirements.

When To Clean Magnetic Trap?

  • The cleaning could be arranged at planned shut downs or changeover times.
  • The frequency would also depend on the trash accumulated.
  • If the trash is left in the trap for a long time, it could leave rust stains on the interior of the trap. The stains could be removed with scouring power.

How To Clean Magnetic Trap?

  1. Depressuize the line and lock out the pump before opening the trap.
  2. Firmly grasp the blank closure plate’s handle with one hand while the other hand presses and releases the band clamp’s safety latch. Lift the clamp’s overthrow lever to release the blank closure plate. Remove the magnetic element from the bod
  3. Use water, low pressure compressed air or your fingers to move all trash to one side of the magnetic tubes.
  4. After the trash has been removed, wash the magnetic tubes, the blank endcap, the gasket seals, the clamps and the inside of the Liquid Trap body before reassembling the unit.

Your Trusted Magnetic Liquid Trap Manufacturer & Supplier

If you are looking for a reliable liquid magnetic trap supplier, feel free to contact us. As a professional cup manufacturer, we have our own factory, which allows us to maintain excellent control over product quality and offer you the best price advantages. Low MOQ & Fast shipping.

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