What is Magnet tool holder?

What is Magnet tool holder?

The magnetic tool holder is composed of iron plate, ferrite magnet or NdFeb magnet + expansion screw mounting plastic bracket.

Magnetic Tool Holder :A good helper for storage, don’t worry about missing tools.

Product details:

1:Removable splicing buckle.

2:Built in ferrite permanent magnet,Ferrite has very high Strong magnetic force and resistant to corrosion and oxidation.

3:surface anti collision plastic sprayed black ironclad.

Hawell Magnet Manufacturer always focuses on enhancing the production capacity. Hawell has advanced equipment, complete inspection instruments, well-trained engineer team, strong support from well-know universities, which enable Hawell to guarantee competitive prices, good quality and excellent service. Hawell’s products are all manufactured based on ISO Quality System.

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