The Advantage of Utilising Creamic Magnets

One of the key advantages of Ceramic Magnets is their ability to operate at high temperatures. This makes them especially suitable for applications where other magnet types have been known to fail. With a typical working temperature range of up to 300°C, these magnets provide reliable performance in demanding thermal conditions.

Ferrite Magnet 2

Another exceptional advantage is the corrosion resistance of ceramic magnets. Unlike other magnet materials, ferrite magnets do not corrode in water. This ensures that they are durable and have a long-lasting life expectancy.

Applications for Ceramic Magnetics

Ceramic Magnetics are well-suited for various applications and situations, including motors, loudspeakers, clamping devices, and use with reed switches. Their robust performance and versatility make them a preferred choice in numerous industries.

Our Ceramic Magnets can be manufactured in a wide range of shapes and sizes to suit your specific needs. While off-tool tolerances can be +/- 3%, we also offer the option of grinding magnets to achieve accurate and intricate shapes. We can even provide magnets with high tolerances for micro applications, ensuring precision for even the smallest of devices.

Contact our team for personalized assistance and technical guidance to find the right Ceramic Magnets for your requirements.

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