Magnetic Liquid Trap Magnetic Filters

  • Application: Industrial Magnet
  • Shape: Trap
  • Coating: 304, 316 Stainless Steel
  • Grade: N35-N54-36H
  • Surface Gauss: 8000-13000gauss
  • Surface Treatment: Polishing and Sand Blasting


Magnetic liquid traps consist of a group of magnetic grates and stainless steel housing outside. An inlet and outlet makes it possible to connect with existing processing line by various connection types. Magnetic liquid traps are designed for extracting the ferrous material from the liquid, semi-liquid and air conveying powder in order to purify the material in the production process. Strong magnetic tubes inside the housing filtrates the flow and picks out the unwanted ferrous metal. The unit is simply mounted to the existing pipeline via flanged or threaded ends. Easy access is also possible using the quick release clamp.

Magnetic Trap 7Magnetic Trap 8 Magnetic Trap 9Magnetic Trap 10

Optional features:

The shell material: SS304, SS316;
The magnetic strength grade: 8000Gauss, 10000Gauss, 12000Gauss, 13000Gauss;
Working temperature grade <: 80ºC, 100ºC, 120ºC, 150ºC, 180ºC, 200ºC;
Various designs available: Easy clean type, pipe in line type, jacket design;
Compress resistance: 5 kilograms (0.5Mpa ) with quick release clamp, and 10 kilograms (1.0Mpa) with flange;
Also takes customers’ designs.


Magnetic Trap 11


Easy Cleaning Magnetic Liquid Trap:


Magnetic Trap 12

Easy Cleaning Manetic Liquid Type:


Magnetic Trap 13 Magnetic Trap 14 Magnetic Trap 15

Magnetic liquid traps use powerful, high-energy and high-temperature rated neodymium magnets to effectively remove ferrous tramp from your liquid processing and conveying lines.
magnetic liquid traps are designed to handle the wide variety of liquids that food processors may find themselves flowing throughout their facilities. Whether you are flowing milkacidic orange juiceheavy oils and syrups, or chunky vegetable soup, we have the perfect magnetic liquid trap to suit your needs.


Magnetic Grate 10


Quick release clamp type :

1.Customized products:
Fluid iron remover with insulation jacket (mainly used in chocolate processing production line).
Magnetic Trap 16


2.Customized Products
The clamp type fluid iron remover meets the requirements of CIP production line. please see below drawings:
Specification Size (mm) No. of rods
D d Φ H L
FT150/38CC-C 152.4 38.1 50.5 150 320 7
FT150/50CC-C 152.4 50.8 64 150 320 7

Magnetic Trap 17


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