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Hawell Neodymium Iron Boron NdFeB (i.e. Neodymium) and Samarium Cobalt SmCo are both ultra-strong rare-earth permanent magnets.  Both are brittle in nature and subject to catastrophic damage if subject to severe impact (i.e. dropping).  However, that is where the similarity ends and, when selecting a magnet material for a specific application, our design engineers assess each magnet’s key unique properties including:

  • Maximum application temperature;
  • Magnetic performance at a given temperature;
  • Cost;

Electric Vehicles and Motors

Rare Earth Magnets are a key component of a four-pole motor in an electric vehicle.  The location of the motor inside the vehicle’s engine exposes the magnets to temperatures of over 180 °C.  At this top temperature, the performance of Samarium Cobalt is slightly better than Neodymium.

Technical article: Metal Recovery From Electric Vehicles

Design engineers then have to decide on whether to select Samarium Cobalt, with the magnet’s recognised performance at higher temperatures, or Neodymium, which with Dysprosium may be slightly more expensive.  This example highlights the magnetic complexity of the product design.

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