Everything You Need to Know About NdFeB Magnets

HAWELL magnets are customized according to the size and performance provided by customers. 

The strong magnets make them useful in many modern technologies, as well as in medical and industrial fields.

They are magnetic, the price is suitable, and the performance of magnets is good at adapted temperatures

They are widely used in industry, science and home use.

Class :N35 N38 N40 N42 N45 N50 N52

High quality NdFeb grades range from N30 to N52, N52 is the highest grade of magnet performance.

When the customer does not know the performance of the magnets, we will ask which aspect of use and adapt to the temperature, and we will recommend the suitable performance.

We also have four inspection steps when we reproduce:

1. After sintering, the performance of the magnet is tested, such as brand, Br, Hcb, Hcj, etc. By the end of this inspection, we will have a magnetization curve, which ensures that the performance of the magnet is as required.

2. After the processing is completed (such as cutting, grinding, drilling, wire cutting, chamfering, etc.), we will carry out dimensional inspection.

3. After surface treatment (such as electroplating), we will carry out size, tolerance, appearance and other aspects of inspection.

4. After magnetization, check the magnetization strength of the magnet (such as surface gauss).

Before shipment, we will prepare detailed inspection report and pictures for your confirmation.

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