Drawer Magnets for Magnetic Separation

Magnetic drawer is one kind of magnetic separation,made of stainless steel(SS304,or SS316)and neodymium magnet.It is mainly used for separating for fine iron impurities in powdery, fine particle materials.Magnetic drawer is widely used in food, food additives, pharmaceutical, feed, fine chemical industry.  Lithium battery, pigment, carbon black, plastic and other industry production line,Thus increasing the purity of products in these industries.   If this equipment is not installed on the production line,There may be iron filings in the food in our lives, which can harm our health, chemical products may react with iron, and so on . 

Optional magnetic bar strength inside:8000gauss/10000gauss/ 12000gauss. 

Optional working temperature:80°C/100°C/120°C/150°C. 

Optional welding manner:spot welding or full welding. 

Optional import and export link system:Flange, fast clamp,round or square. 

Optional cleaning method:Normal style or easy cleaning style.

If you have your own special needs, you can tell us, because we have our own production design team, we can tailor the design according to your production environment.

Ensuring quality is paramount, Hawell Magnetics places a strong emphasis on quality control. With a formidable quality control team and cutting-edge testing instruments, we guarantee the quality of our products.

Our quality control services include: 1.Magnetic Detection. 2.Professional Packaging Solutions. 3.Careful Selection of High-Quality Materials. 4.Precision End Face Welding Seal. 5.Surface Treatment.

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