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Properties of magnets:

1, the magnet is magnetic, can attract iron items.

2, the magnet has a magnetic pole, the magnet has N pole and S pole magnetic pole, and it exists in pairs.

3, there are temporary magnets and permanent magnets: when the ferromagnetic material is magnetized it is easy to lose magnetism, called temporary magnets, when the ferromagnetic material is magnetized, it is not easy to lose magnetism, it is called permanent magnets.

4, when the two magnets are close, the same magnetic pole will be pushed away, and different magnetic poles will be attracted.

Type of magnet:

Shape magnet: block magnet, tile magnet, shaped magnet, cylindrical magnet, ring magnet, disc magnet, magnetic bar magnet and magnetic rack magnet

attribute magnet: Samarium cobalt magnet, NdFeb magnet (strong magnet), ferrite magnet, aluminum nickel cobalt magnet and iron chromium cobalt magnet

industry magnet: Magnetic components, motor magnets, rubber magnets, plastic-magnetic and so on.

Neodymium magnets come in different types for different scenarios. In each case, each magnet has different properties. We tailor our magnets to the needs of our customers.

The direction of magnetization of each magnet is also different when the customer does not know, we will inform. We divide the magnetization direction of the magnet into six kinds: thickness orientation, axial segment orientation, diameter orientation, axial orientation, single-sided segment multipole orientation and diameter orientation.

Magnets Manufacturer Attributes

Hawell Magnet Manufacturer always focuses on enhancing the production capacity. Hawell has advanced equipment, complete inspection instruments, well-trained engineer team, strong support from well-know universities, which enable Hawell to guarantee competitive prices, good quality and excellent service. Hawell’s products are all manufactured based on ISO Quality System.

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