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Customized magnetic badges with neodymium magnets are suitable for firmly fixing your name tags, race numbers, badges, certificates, or other documents without damaging your clothes or uniforms, and are also suitable for hanging posters, and signs on refrigerators or filing cabinets, which will bring you a lot convenient.

Create your custom magnetic badge today! Do you need the perfect magnet button design but aren’t sure how to design it? Well, with Hawell Magnetics’ custom magnetic badge services, it’s even easier for you to create your ideal custom magnetic badge.

Why choose magnetic badges?

  • Connect easily
    The magnetic badge is designed with a magnetic fastening system that allows it to be attached to any garment without the use of pins. This will give your clothes a brand new and complete surface without pin holes and no need to worry about losing pins.
  • Multifunctional design
    The versatility of custom magnetic badges is unmatched. They can be made in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, and can feature logos, text, or even intricate designs, making them perfect for school badges, name tags, offices, and any other occasion or branding need.
  • Durability
    Magnetic badges are made of high-quality materials and are durable. The strength of the magnet ensures the badge stays in place, while the material used on the badge itself can withstand daily wear and tear.

Customize your magnetic badge with a variety of fonts, artwork, and color choices to craft a distinctive and unforgettable badge. Whether you need employee name tags, summer camp identifiers, or outing name tags, our custom magnetic badges are the solution.

How are wearable magnetic badges made?

Custom wearable magnetic badges are attractive and high quality! Choosing Hawell Magnetics to customize your wearable magnetic badge will be a wise choice. Our process of producing high-quality magnetic badges strictly adheres to the quality system:

  1. Confirm the design pattern or choose from our catalog: First, you can send us the personalized pattern you want to customize, such as logo, name, graphics, etc. When designing, consider the badge’s size, color, and other details. Or you could also choose the appropriate models from our catalog, and the lead time will be much shorter.

2. Finished product preview and printing: After determining the pattern, you can choose the appropriate material such as plastic, metal, silicone, etc. according to your needs. After preliminary confirmation, we will send you a digital model of your customized magnetic badge, as well as a preview of the finished product. If you think there is no problem, we will use digital printing technology to print out your customized badge.


3. Laminating and Cutting: Following that, we apply a layer of lamination to your personalized badge. This process guarantees that your durable wearable magnetic buttons withstand the elements and maintain their quality for years. After lamination, our state-of-the-art digital cutting machine meticulously cuts your graphics with precision, ensuring flawless results with every cut.

4. Magnetization: If the magnet used is not pre-magnetized, it needs to be magnetized through a magnetizing machine. Check whether the magnetic force of the magnet is moderate. It should not be too weak to cause the badge to fall off easily, nor too strong to cause damage to clothing or cause inconvenience.

5. Assembly: Choose a suitable magnet according to the size and weight of the badge for stable fixation, and stick the magnet on the back of the badge, usually using strong glue or double-sided tape. Next, your custom badge will be quality-controlled to ensure every magnetic badge you order is perfect.

6. Packaging: Final inspection before packaging to ensure each badge meets quality standards. After quality control, your magnetic buttons will be professionally packaged and shipped.


Our magnetic badges are manufactured in Ningbo, China using only the highest-quality materials. Send your ideas now and we will create high-quality custom magnetic badges for you.

In addition, we specialize in crafting personalized buttons, stickers, magnetic name tags, magnets, and various other custom items. Our range includes a variety of packaging options for custom buttons to suit your needs.

Custom magnetic badges at Hawell Magnetics


For those of you who want a name tag but don’t want to put a pin through your clothing, we have custom magnetic wearable badges for you! They are the perfect choice for magnet badges!

Hawell Magnetics has a strict quality control system, and the magnets will undergo strict inspection in every process of production. Each magnet will have a certificate before delivery. Magnetic flux reports and demagnetization curves are available upon request.

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